Hot Toys The Flash Batman and Batcycle Brings Ben Affleck’s Motorcycle-Riding Caped Crusader In A Fully-Articulated, 1/6-Scale Figure

We’ve featured a number of Batman toys from DC Studios’ upcoming The Flash movie, such as this Utility Belt, this Batmobile, and this full-featured Batcave, with all of them based on the Michael Keaton version from before the turn of the century. If you’re sitting there pining for Ben Affleck’s version of the Dark Knight to get some love, Hot Toys got you covered with The Flash Batman and Batcycle.

That’s right, Hot Toys’ newest action figure brings Affleck’s Batman to your toy collection, allowing you to recreate the Caped Crusader’s scenes from the Dawn of Justice and Justice League movies. And yes, they made a toy because Affleck also reprises the character in The Flash movie, where he, presumably, appears riding the motorized steed that’s the Batcycle.

Hot Toys’ The Flash Batman and Batcycle is a 1/6-scale action figure recreation of the Dark Knight and his motorcycle, giving you some big toys to immortalize the high-profile Batman character who somehow never had his own solo movie.  It’s quite a fun toy to add to any collection, too, considering the relative rarity of Batcycle merch, since the movies always had Batman driving around in his trusty Batmobile. The action figure stands nearly 13 inches tall, while his ridiculously big bike stretches over 22 inches long, making for quite the substantial combo to show off on any display shelf.

Naturally, Batman is articulated enough to ride the motorcycle believably, so you can put him in various riding poses as he commandeers that monstrous crotch rocket. In fact, the action figure comes with 28 points of articulation, so it can bend, twist, and turn from all major joints, ensuring a plethora of possible poses for any scene you can conjure in your head about the events happening around Gotham City.

Hot Toys’ The Flash Batman and Batcycle are intricately detailed toys that, the outfit claims, are recreated with extreme precision and fine painting applications. The Batman, for instance, gets a rubbery-looking cowl, a tactical armor, and detailed weathering in the screen-accurate Batman outfit, along with a sculpted utility belt and a wired fabric cape. The figure also comes with four sets of hands and an extra head that features rolling eyeballs, as well as three interchangeable lower faces with different expressions, although all of them make him look angry and pensive, so we’re not sure how expressive the Dark Knight can really be. They also threw in a LED-lighted display stand with the Batman logo.

The Batcycle, on the other hand, gets the two-wheeled front design as the one you’ve probably seen on the trailers, along with plenty of detailing on the side-mounted weapons, frame, engine, and exhaust. It features a movable handlebar, spinning rubber wheels, and light-up headlight and tail lights, all while coming with an attachable ramming accessory, in case you need the Batcycle to hit something head-on.  They also threw in a display base, so you can showcase it on a shelf.

Hot Toys’ The Flash Batman and Batcycle comes out next year. It’s currently available for preorder, priced at $665 for the full set.

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