Hot Tug Puts A Hot Tub On A Moving Boat

Just when you thought nothing can be more awesome than your Hot Tub Boat, something comes along and totally steals its shine.  In  this case, it’s the Hot Tug, which does regular hot tub boats one better — it has an integrated wood stove so you can travel while soaking in hot water.

More than a floating hot tub, it’s a real boat that can ferry you shore to shore across a lake or island to island in a tropical paradise.   You can get it either bare (you install your own outboard motor) or with an integrated 2.4KW motor with a choice in battery systems (for a relaxing quiet ride).  According to the product page, the rechargeable batteries should last for a minimum of 600 cycles.

The Hot Tug boat measures 240 x 380 x 110 cm, with enough room to hold up to eight people.  Construction is wood decked in glass fiber reinforced polyester, with a stainless steel stove built in (that’s the stove’s wall pipe sticking out).  With the heating system in tow, you can literally enjoy a day in the mobile hot tub regardless of how chilly the weather may be.

The boat can hold up to 2000 liters of water, which the stove can heat at a rate of 8 degrees per hour.  On average, it will get to around 38 degrees celsius in about three hours.  What about if you get sick of soaking while riding?  Unfortunately, you can’t simply open a drain to let the water out (since you’re on the water, it will fill back in), so they recommend bringing a small submersible pump when such a situation arises.

Pricing for the Hot Tug starts at €11,450 (no motor included).

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