Hot Wheels Car Maker: Build Your Own Die-Cast Rides

Collecting a fleet of die-cast cars for racing on your BluTrack derby race track is all manners of fun.  At some point, though, there’s a car you’re going to wish you could buy, but can’t quite find.  The solution?  Make your own die-cast ride with the Hot Wheels Car Maker.

A playset for putting together custom Hot Wheels cars, it lets you design and build your own personalized vehicle body, which you can then slap onto a pre-built chassis with wheels.  From there, you can paint it, add decals or do whatever the heck you want, allowing you to build a whole fleet of original automobiles all by yourself.

The Hot Wheels Car Maker is, basically, a mini-factory for churning out die-cast car bodies.  To use, simply plug the unit to a wall outlet, turn it on, and let it heat up; once it’s warmed enough (a voice prompt will let you know), insert the mold of the car body you want to produce and feed the wax to the machine (comes in different colors).  Wait a few minutes and the mold comes out, complete with the finished car body hardened onto it.   The whole operation takes no more than 8 minutes, allowing you to churn out a large army of new cars in just a few hours.   Each set comes with two molds, 10 wax sticks, 3 chassis, and a bunch of decals.

Want to make cars not covered by the included molds?  Not a problem.  Just buy the mold you want, whether you’re putting together muscle cars, hot rods, or trucks, as an add-on.

You can get the Hot Wheels Car Maker from Amazon, priced at $39.99.

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