This Race Car Bed Has A Built-In Hot Wheels Race Track


Race car beds are among the greatest bedroom furniture ever made for children. The Hot Wheels Toddler to Twin Race Car Bed, however, takes it to a whole new level, incorporating race tracks on the bed frame that you can use to race your favorite die-cast cars.

Made by Step 2, it’s a race car bed that also happens to be a functional race track, so kids can now play with their die-cast rides without bothering to get up from their mattresses. Even better, the built-in track is fully compatible with other Hot Wheels tracks, so you can connect it to an existing stunt track or build a new one that incorporates the bed as part of the race circuit.


The Hot Wheels Toddler to Twin Race Car Bed has tracks that span the entire rear and side edges of the bed, giving them a reasonably long track to carry out their in-bed racing activities, which you can easily complete into a full circuit by simply adding tracks to link the two sides together. Aside from the tracks, the bed comes with a spoiler that doubles as a display shelf for the cars, air intakes on either side for storing even more cars (or setting down a cup of milk), and a good load of race car details (rims, grille, lowered body, and more). It even comes with working headlights that you can to switch on, so kids can have an instant nightlight right at the foot of the bed. Fits mattresses up to twin size.


Listed as “coming soon,” the Hot Wheels Toddler to Twin Race Car Bed is priced at $349.99.


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