Hot Wheels RC Street Hawk Is The Flying Car Of Our Jetsonian Future

Just because the world has, so far, failed to come up with a commercially-viable flying car, it doesn’t mean kids should be deprived of the awesome possibilities a land and air combo vehicle can provide.   You know, like being able to throw your empty coffee cup into the clouds and have it land someplace on the ground.  Let them experience the air-faring automobiles promised by our Jetsonian future with the Hot Wheels RC Street Hawk.

In car mode, it’s a highly-capable road vehicle, ready to drive through parking lots and neighborhood streets side by side with your favorite RC cars.  It even comes with 360-degree proportional ground steering control (throttle and steering) for complete maneuverability.  In aircraft mode, it can soar to heights of over 200 feet, buoyed by dual propellers that spin at 35,000 RPM for truly satisfying flights.

The Hot Wheels RC Street Hawk is powered by a pair of 8mm electric motors that both engage, whether you’re showing off with fancy aerial maneuvers or speeding through corners on the sidewalk.  It comes with a 2.4GHz transmitter that allows up to six Street Hawks to operate in the same location, so you can race with friends both on the ground and in the air, as well as perform synchronized aerial acrobatics that will blow everyone’s minds.  That, or you can watch your vehicles crash into each other trying to perform those same acrobatics before nose diving on the ground.  We’re not sure how durable this thing is (hopefully, it can withstand more than a couple of falls), but it’s a flying car, so we also kind of don’t care.

Available now, the Hot Wheels RC Street Hawk retails for just under $50.

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