Houdini Puzzle Lock Looks Interesting

That Electronic Padlock you use to hold your locker shut in the gym probably works as good as any.  But will it work as awesomely as a padlock armed with magic?  Yeah, I thought so.  You might want to trade that in for these Houdini Puzzle Locks.

We have no idea what these locks have to do with Houdini, but we guess he’s as good a name to associate as any — he’s the one who made a living escaping locked-up contraptions of all sorts that surely doomed him to a certain death if he weren’t so adept at escaping them, after all.  While he likely was an expert lock picker, it would be fun to have seen him deal with these padlocks, which come with unique unlocking sequences that require more than sticking a key and turning it.

The Houdini Puzzle Lock are trick padlocks that require solving a puzzle to unlock.  That means, even if someone steals your key while you work out in the stationary bike, they won’t be able to open it unless they know the trick.  Yes, they can insert that key and turn it all they want to no avail.  It comes in two variants, Dead Lock and Lock and Key.  The former has a fancy coat of arms tile on the front along with the keyhole, while the latter features a small combination dial on top of the keyhole.  Each one measures 3 x 1.8 x 1 inches (h x w x d).

Thinkgeek has the Houdini Puzzle Locks available, priced at $19.99 each.

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