Houndsbay Admiral Valet Box: Every Man Deserves A Box In The Dresser, Too


You ever look at your wife’s vanity box and wish you can have something just as cool to keep in the bedroom? Sure, you can take your toolbox from the workshop into the bedroom, but, let’s be honest, that’s just dumb. Maybe, the Houndsbay Admiral will make a lot more sense instead.

A valet box, it’s a man’s version of the wife’s vanity box, giving you a single place to organize all your personal accessories and pocket dumps, so they don’t have to be lying all over the place on the bedside table. Want a place to put your phone, pocket knife, and wallet? Yep, this will do. How about a place to keep your glasses, watches, and cuff links? Yes, that will work, too. Plus, it looks just as cool as your wife’s vanity box, so you never have to be envious of the fancy storage rig she has on the dresser ever again.


The Houndsbay Admiral is, basically, a valet tray on steroids, with multiple compartments for organizing its contents, a pull-out drawer for housing even more stuff, and a lid to keep everything looking tidy. It has a designated compartment to hold one phone (9.25 x 4.25 inches, height x width), complete with grooves to pass a charging cable through, while five different sizes of compartments next to it should accommodate the wide variety of items you carry on a daily basis, from glasses and jewelry to car keys and pocket change.  The lid, by the way, covers just those five compartments, so your phone’s screen is always visible, in case you need to glance at it to do a quick check.


The bottom drawer comes with five long and narrow compartments that measure 2.25 inches each in width, allowing it to easily accommodate watches (yes, even oversized ones with 60mm faces), pens,  multi-tools, and all sorts of other stuff you carry on a daily basis. Heck, the 2.25-inch width even allows it to accommodate fidget spinners, in case you haven’t gotten tired of them at this point yet (seriously, dude, it’s time to move on).


The Houndsbay Admiral is made from black faux leather, with white stitching on the edges and shiny metal hardware that give it a really classy finish, while gray felt lining on the interior gives you a soft surface to set down your stuff. Overall dimensions are 13.75 x 10 x 4.4 inches (width x depth x height), making it big enough to take a prominent spot on the dresser while being compact enough not to take up too much space, so the wife can still keep her vanity box without having to kick yours out of the way. According to the outfit, by the way, the valet box is designed such that your EDC items go on top, while watches, jewelry, and other items you don’t use on a daily basis go at the bottom, although you can, of course, use this however you prefer.

Want one? The Houndsbay Admiral is available now.

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