Hover Cover Is The Splatter Shield Every Microwave Needs


It looks like any random bowl in the kitchen. And, well, you can use it as one. The Hover Cover, however, is designed to stay at just one place in the kitchen – the microwave, where it will cover food and prevent splatter, saving you from the hassle of having to clean up every time you nuke some leftovers.

That’s right, it’s a good old microwave splatter shield that you can use to cover your plates, bowls, and platters while you heat their contents up into tasty temperatures. Unlike traditional microwave covers, though, it comes with magnets on top, allowing you to simply snap it on top of the microwave’s inner chamber while it waits for the next person to use it. That way, your husband can no longer use the excuse that he can’t find the splatter shield, since the darn thing is already inside the microwave just waiting to be deployed.


The Hover Cover measures 11.5 x 3.5 inches (diameter x height), leaving it wide enough to fit most plates and platters while being tall enough to accommodate bowls and similar dishes. The size should also allow it to fit inside most any conventional microwave (not that Thermos-shaped one they use when camping), whether you’re using the small one at the dorm or the large one at the house. It’s made from BPA-free, food-safe, and microwave-safe plastic that’s completely transparent, so you can see the food underneath while it keeps the splatter contained inside the shield. Just wipe down the shield whenever it gets dirty and you’ve got yourself a seriously useful addition to the good old, trusty microwave oven.

To ensure food heats evenly, the shield comes with built-in steam vents on top and raised sections at the base, both of which should help allow heat to circulate inside, ensuring you don’t end up with moist drippings that leave the food soggy. Do note, the vents cannot be closed, so you can’t use it as a lid to keep food warm while you procrastinate and do a million other things on your phone before eating.


The Hover Cover’s magnets, by the way, are covered in a polymer enclosure, so these should be perfectly safe for nuking inside the microwave. What do you do if your microwave doesn’t have a steel or iron ceiling? Probably nothing, since you’ll need one or the other if you want the darn magnets to snap into place. Maybe just keep it inside the microwave floor instead of the ceiling – we know, not as convenient, but it should work all the same.


Since the shield is designed to hover above the food then entire time, the darn thing should stay cool to the touch, allowing you to grab it and snap it onto the ceiling as soon as your microwave makes that beeping alert. Do note, we have used covers that have heated up somehow after long microwaving sessions, so you may want to test it out first, lest risk getting a minor burn.

Want one? The Hover Cover is available now.

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