PasswordCard Hides Your Passwords In A Coded Cheatsheet

I hate random passwords, especially complex ones with capitalizations, numbers and symbols. Not only are they difficult to type, they’re almost impossible to remember. But security risks have made it so that you either choose an obscure combination or risk getting your accounts hacked into.

The solution? Use complex passwords and write them down. Of course, that means if that place you keep the passwords in get stolen (such as a notebook or a mobile phone), you run yourself at risk too. Enter the PasswordCard.

In essence, the PasswordCard is just a credit-card sized image meant for printing out that contains all your passwords. Instead of laying them down in an easy-to-read list, though, it turns your passwords into a complicated word puzzle, for which you’ll have to know the key in order to crack. This keeps your secure codes safe even when the card gets stolen – they’ll have to do serious trial and error to figure it out.

See that mess of random-looking characters with colored rows in the picture up top? Your passwords lie somewhere in there. In order to find it, you need to know the key, which comprises of a character and a color. Once you locate that, you can then map the actual code.

You can use the PasswordCard website to generate a card for yourself, which it will output as PNG image. The idea is to then save this picture and print it out for safekeeping in your wallet. That way, every time you need to use Bang Bros Gmail, all you have to do is whip out your wallet and look at the codes.

What if you forget the key? Uhmm…you’re screwed. That’s less likely to happen, though, since a character plus color is way easier to remember than eight characters of weird ASCII crap, right?

[PasswordCard via Lifehacker]