Handson Pepakura Kit Lets You Make Beautiful Paper Musical Instruments

A big grand piano sitting in your living room and a Telecaster hanging by a wall make for really attractive home décor.  Musical instruments are pretty like that.  They’re also expensive, though, so getting one for the sole purpose of home ornamentation is far from the wisest way to spend money.  The Handson Pepakura Paper Craft Kit could be a much more affordable, albeit smaller, alternative.

Designed and produced by actual professional musicians, the paper craft models are exquisitely detailed instrument replicas.  And they’re not messing with the detailed part either — every component of each instrument is individually recreated and looks absolutely like the real thing.

The Handson Pepakura Paper Craft Kit comes as pre-cut paper that you can assemble by following the included instructions (warning: it’s a bit more work than just plugging holes).  Each set varies from 40 to over 100 individual pieces, each one laser-cut for precision.

The current collection consists of seven instruments: violin, cello, piano, two electric guitars, double bass and harp.  Each one is a miniature, though (some look half-sized, others look quarter-sized), so don’t expect to trick anyone into thinking you’ve got a real stark white grand piano in the hall.    For tabletop displays, however, these things look amazing (apart from looking like a lot of fun to put together).

Prices for the Handson Pepakura Paper Craft Kit range from $45.80 for the cheapest (the violin) to $65.80 for the most expensive (the grand piano).  They also sell stands for displaying the instruments that can’t stand on their own, priced at $12.80 apiece.

[Jzool via TheAwesomer]