The Gakken Premium Gramophone Lets You Make Your Own Vinyl Records…In 2010


Still professing your love for vinyl?  Show it like you mean it with the Gakken Premium Gramophone, an old-school record player with the ability to put your music to vinyl.

If you’ve ever looked at one of those vinyl to MP3 recorders and wondered, “Why would you digitize such a pristine art form,” then there’s no doubt about it: this analog music kit is for you.  Not only can you play records of all sizes (33, 45, 78 rpm), you can put down your own music directly to vinyl (you sing into the horn and the bamboo needle cuts the track).  Finally, you can cut your own independent demo and release it in 1939.  If you have a time machine, that is.


The Gakken Premium Gramophone is as authentic as it gets, rocking a metal needle for playing, a bamboo needle for recording, a nickel-plated iron horn and…gasp…a hand crank.  Yep, it won’t plug in to mains – instead, you’ll have to keep turning that clasp over and over (and over) to get your music playing.  It does allow for speed and tone adjustment, so you can tinker with your audio somewhat.

It comes as a kit, so you have some assembly work cut out in your future.  If you’re willing to waste your arm turning that crank just to play your records, though, I don’t think that will even be a problem.  One important note: instructions are in Japanese, so be prepared to guess where each part goes.

Analog enthusiasts, meet your new toy.  I seriously can’t imagine any vinyl fans not getting one.  The Gakken Premium Gramophone can be imported via Japan Trend Shop for $170.

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