This Book Teaches You How To Survive Every Imaginable Calamity, Catastrophe, And Attack


Part-instructional and part-storybook, How to Survive Anything details multiple disaster scenarios and how to get out of them like an invincible superhero. Well, as close as you can come to one, anyway. Forget imagining how you’ll react to tragedy and mishaps – pick up the book and get detailed instructions that will maximize your chances of survival.

Authored by Tim MacWelch and the editors at Outdoor Life, the book runs the gamut of potential misfortunes, from home invasion scenarios to natural disasters to being at the center of a biological attack. It covers, practically, the entire range of scenarios you don’t want to encounter, from those you’re likely to experience (earthquakes, bar brawls) to ones most people will never see in their lifetimes (killer virus, meteor strike), so you can be duly-armed to face any potentially-fatal situation if they ever occur.


To increase the chances you’ll actual read the book and remember its lessons, How to Survive Anything doesn’t just spell out step-by-step instructions like a boring textbook. Instead, it adds comic-style illustrations and gripping narratives to the technical advice, ensuring it entertains just as much as it informs. After all, it’s easier to remember exactly what to do in a burning building when you’ve watched a movie scene depict it. And while reading a book with drawings and stories isn’t the same as sitting back to watch a riveting survival scene, it sure feels a whole lot closer than a clinical step-by-step outline.


With dozens upon dozens of potential scenarios covered across its 240 pages, How to Survive Anything isn’t the most in-depth survival guide for any specific situation. It is, however, a complete primer and an indispensable guide to anyone who wants to be ready for any challenge the gods want to throw their way. It’s available now, priced at $22.

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