Howtie, The Wearable How-To-Tie-A-Necktie Cheatsheet


Don’t know how to put on a necktie?  We’ve all been there.  It took me quite a while, in fact, before I got the hang of it.  If you keep forgetting which end goes where every time you put one on, a cheatsheet always helps.  Of course, you’ll look rather silly standing in the office bathroom with a how-to guide, but who cares, right?  Alternatively, you can sport the Howtie, a spiffy-looking black necktie with tying instructions right on the fabric.

A necktie with an onboard cheatsheet, the Howtie shows you step-by-step illustrations of how it should be wrapped so you can look as snappy as can be.  Every time you have to put one on, simply face a mirror and let the tie be your guide, graphically showing you how it’s done.  Think of it as the training wheels of neckties – once you’re more confident of your triangle-knotting skills, you can graduate into ones you can get at regular stores.

Six finely-done illustrations adorn the front panel of the Howtie, leading you every step of the way.  The instructions are drawn with pretty non-descript white lines too, so onlookers aren’t even likely to think it’s anything but a fancy tie design.  It’s definitely less troublesome and simpler than printing out a cheatsheet to carry with you everywhere.

Want to make an impression?  Don’t wear this thing.  But use for it practice so that one day, you too may be able to put on a necktie with the precision of a consummate professional.  The Howtie is available now for $14.50.

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