Hoyt Carbon Matrix, An Ultra-Light, Extra-Powerful Bow

Because you never know when you’ll be kidnapped and dropped off in another planet to be hunted by Predators, it pays to have a weapon nearby.  While guns are always awesome, you’ll be better off hauling killing machines with reusable ammunition (you don’t know how many of them single-minded aliens you have to kill, after all).  The Hoyt Carbon Matrix, a seriously scary-looking bow, should be right up for your consideration.

Hoyt loads up on the hyperbole and calls it “a quantum leap for the entire archery industry.”  Since I don’t own a subscription to Bowhunting World, I’ll have to take their word for it.  Which isn’t hard to do, by the way, considering just how menacing this contraption looks.

The Carbon Matrix is the company’s lightest high-end bow, weighing a mere 3.8 lbs.  That means plenty of mobility for you, even while packing dozens of arrows, as you defend your life from trophy-hunting extraterrestrial life forms in remote jungles at a galaxy far, far away.

It measures 35 feet long, with an elaborate design that the company claims reduces vibration, improves precision and enhances “shootability.”  Features include stealth shot, Pro-Fit grip and a radically-advanced hollow carbon tube riser.  Oh yeah, it will launch your shaft projectiles towards attacking aliens at a rate of 318 feet per second.

Only limited quantities of the Hoyt Carbon Matrix will be sold, priced at $1,600 apiece.

[Hoyt via Crunchgear]