HP Elitebook Laptops Boast A Whopping 32 Hours Of Battery Life

How long can your laptop last without needing to be plugged into an outlet?  No matter how long you can go without a recharge, we doubt you’ll ever top the new HP Elitebook, which boasts a whopping 32 hours of use on a single load.

Your eyes aren’t deceiving you — that number is right.  These computers can literally go through four 8-hour workdays without draining.   That’s more than double the lasting power of the most efficient power-sipping netbook available today.

The HP Elitebooks aren’t underpowered machines, either.  These are full-featured business laptops designed for demanding workplace applications, similar to the ones you probably use now.  And it doesn’t look like it’s packing a ginormous battery module either, so HP is definitely using some scary voodoo magic here.

Available in a range of display sizes (from 12.1 inches to 17 inches), the notebook PCs come in HP’s signature magnesium-aluminum chassis for durability.  Like other laptops, you can customize the specs to fit your needs, with options in processors (Core i3, i5 and i7), memory (up to 8GB of RAM), storage (up to 750GB HDD or up to 160GB SSD), graphics cards  and even AT&T HSPA+ support.

HP will ship the Elitebook laptops beginning March 15.  Prices start at $949.

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