HP Omen 25L and 30L Brings A More Professional Look To Gaming Desktops

Gaming PCs are notorious for looking like props straight out of a sci-fi movie, with their colorful lights, aggressive shapes, and generally edgy aesthetic. Simply put, they’re not the kind of things that blend in quietly. The HP Omen 25L and 30L gaming desktops look to change that.

Dressed in a clean new design, it ditches the loud gamer aesthetic in favor of something more professional-looking. Seriously, this is the kind of PC you can expect to see in an office somewhere, rather than the bedroom corner where some 20-year old R6S pro keeps his three-monitor home computing setup.

The 2020 HP Omen gaming desktops now get a relatively conventional tower, with a boxy tower that bears none of the flashy logos from its predecessors. In its place is a simple backlit Omen logo out front (and an optional front fan surrounded by LEDs), although you do get the option to make it shine in any color that you want out of the 16.8 million available in the RGB spectrum. Suffice to say, it’s a much more subdued aesthetic that older gamers (and those that have moved past their edgy gamer phase) will probably appreciate. They do integrate a tempered glass panel on the left side, so you can still show off your hardware and all the fancy cooling rig you throw in if you feel like doing it.

Designed for tool-free access, the desktop enables easy upgrades and maintenance, allowing you to swap in components, clean out parts, and install all sorts of unnecessary crap as your heart desires. The integrated fan, by the way, comes with three software-accessible settings, so you can have it running quietly or full blast, depending on how much you want to push the system to its limits.

The HP Omen gaming desktop comes in two variants: 25L and 30L, with those names referring to the volume capacity inside each case. The smaller case measures 15.5 x 6.5 x 17 inches (depth x width x height), while the larger one expands that to 16.6 x 6.5 x 17 inches, which should allow it to accommodate larger components down the line. Both can be fitted with, pretty much, the same motherboard and core specs, although the 30L version gets the option to put an RGB LED fan on the lower front panel for additional ventilation (and colorful lighting, if you’re into that).

Both the 25L and 30L cases can be fitted with either 10th-generation Intel Core or AMD Ryzen 9 processors, GeForce RTX or Radeon RX graphics, up to 64 GB of RAM, up to 2TB of PCIe SSD storage, a Cooler Master power supply, and optional liquid cooling. At the high end, you can have it configured with an Intel Core i7-10700K and a Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Super, so you can build quite a powerful PC here, especially if you max out the RAM and SSD storage. It comes with the OMEN Command Center, an app that lets you safely overclock components, customize lighting, and optimize the PC’s connectivity.

The HP Omen 25L and 30L are available. Pricing starts at $899.99.

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