HP’s 43-Inch Ultra-Wide Curved Monitor Lets You Show Two Machines Side-By-Side And Transfer Files Between Them

We know, you’ve already seen half a dozen ultra-wide curved panels by this time. Yes, they’re fascinating. Yes, you’d like one on your desk, too. And yes, they can change the way you get things done in pretty significant ways. The HP S430C Ultra-Wide Curved Monitor, however, brings a unique capability that may just make it the perfect addition to your workstation setup.

While most every ultra-wide panel allows you to hook up the display from two machines and show them side-by-side, the new monitor allows you to directly copy files from one to the other. No need to transfer files to an external drive, use FTP, or use the network file system – this thing allows you to share files between machines as if they were working as one.

The HP S430C Ultra-Wide Curved Monitor allows you to copy those files using simple drag-and-drop actions, similar to what you normally do when copying files between drives, partitions, and folders on your computer. Do note, it requires both machines to be running the HP DeviceBridge software, which is the one actually facilitating the transfer over USB-C. That means, both displays are required to connect to the monitor via a USB-C connection, as the solution won’t work if you connect using any of the other available video ports (it has both HDMI and DisplayPort). By the way, the screen only allows you to divide the screen equally in half, with no options for custom sizing.

The file transfer function can work on any Windows, macOS, and Linux computer, so you should be able to easily transfer files between any computers you have at work or at home. It can even transfer files from Android devices (no support for iOS, though), making it easy to move files from your phone to any computer, although there’s no support for moving files to those same Android devices (yep, file copy is only one way for the platform).

The HP S430C Ultra-Wide Curved Monitor is a 43.4-inch display panel with a 32:10 aspect ratio, which you can use either as a single monitor or as a dual-monitor system. It supports a maximum single-display resolution of 3840 x 1200, allowing you to easily edit spreadsheets with plenty of columns, lay out wide panoramic images, and work on other wide project canvases. There’s a built-in pop-up webcam with IR to spare you from having to add a webcam to your setup, as well as an embedded dual-mic for your videoconferencing needs. Granted, you’ll still need to add a speaker to the setup to complete the whole thing, but that should be easy enough.

Other display features include 350 nits of brightness, 99 percent sRGB color accuracy, 178 degrees viewing angle (both vertical and horizontal), and four USB ports for adding accessories. With the included stand, the monitor can be tilt- and height-adjusted to get the perfect viewing angle, with a 100mm VESA pattern allowing for multiple mounting options.

Scheduled to come out October 7th, the HP S430C Ultra-Wide Curved Monitor is priced at $599.

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