HTC Vive Is A Gaming-Focused VR Headset


Impressed with what you’ve seen so far from HTC’s VR headset? Then, good news – the outfit just announced the official consumer version of the HTC Vive, bringing a full set of innovative features that should break new ground for the modern generation of gamers.

Packaged as a complete kit, the headset comes with a pair of wireless controllers, a pair of base stations, a Vive Link Box, and a pair of ear buds, ensuring you have everything you need to immerse yourself in your favorite VR games and content. Just hook it up to a compatible gaming PC and you’re set.


The HTC Vive comes with room-scale motion tracking, using 32 headset sensors to detect movement across a full 360 degrees, while a camera on the exterior allows it to blend real-world elements into the virtual experience. A 110-degree field of view allows for immersive visuals that are made even better by the 2,160 x 1,200 combined resolution and 90Hz refresh rate for seriously smooth-looking action. Interchangeable foam inserts and nose pads allow you to customize the fit to conform to the contours of your face, with enough room to accommodate your glasses, while an adjustable strap lets you cinch it for the most comfortable fit.


While it won’t play smartphone-based VR content, it can pair with phones, allowing you to receive and respond to texts (pre-made messages only) and calls (it comes with an integrated mic), as well as get notifications. It’s powered by Steam VR.

Slated to come out in April, the HTC Vive is priced at $799.

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