Hub Table Is A Night Stand For All Your Charging Needs

Over the years, side tables have evolved from a place to hold magazines, picture frames and desk clocks to a mess of wires where you set your phones, tablets and laptops when charging them.  The Hub Table is a modern side table designed for tidying up the tangled bundle of wires that result from that.

Instead of having a solid slab like most end tables, it comes with a removable top that reveals a generous container space for hiding your chargers, extension outlets and cords.  Heck, it’s actually pretty big, so you might even be able to hide that messenger bag full of money you stole from the cartel in there.  Or that stack of documents you brought home from the office, whichever the actual case may be.

Designed to be a dedicated table for all your charging jobs, the Hub Table features cutout panels on the top and on one side for passing through all your cables and wires.  Drop one of your Power USB outlets in there and all you have showing is one cable sticking out of the side to plug into the wall, with all the slots you need sitting right under the removable table top.

The table, which measures 16 x 16 x 18 inches, features a simple straightforward design, so it’s not exactly the kind of furniture for more stylishly-equipped homes.  Construction is oak wood and MDF, with a durable lacquer finish.

The Hub Table is available from Uncommon Goods, priced at $325.

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