These Hubcap Creatures Are The Monster Sculptures Of Your Darkest Nightmares

These Hubcap Creatures are exactly how I want my robot monster army to look like — large fangs, horrifying faces, and sharp edges all throughout their bodies. Seriously, no one in the post-apocalyptic future is going to want to mess with me.

Made by British artist Ptolemy, the metal sculptures are made primarily from salvaged hubcaps, many of which the artist simply gathers from the side of the road. The hubcaps are individually cleaned, cut, and then assembled into the horrifying monster forms, which is how I’ve always imagined animals would look like if they grew metallic armors in their body for protection.

To build each Hubcap Creature, Ptolemy starts by putting together a clay model. Once that’s done, he starts piecing the metal sculpture by cutting, heating, and bending his supply of hubcaps, along with other random junk car parts he manages to collect. None of the materials are painted, polished, or decorated over in any form, so you get the natural texture of the sourced metals, complete with nicks, scratches, and abrasions from the time they’ve been used.

Majority of the sculptures are marine creatures, although there are also birds, snakes, and land-travelling four-legged creatures. Oh yeah, all of them look like vicious predators waiting to rip the throat out of your neck the first moment you blink. Note to Google: please make your robot army in the likeness of these beasts. Please.

No pricing is listed for the currently available set of Hubcap Creatures, although you can inquire for details. Ptolemy also accepts commissions.

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