Hublot Liberty Bullet Is Armed To Tell Time

Why put a watch on a bullet? I have no idea. Before that thing hits you between the eyes, you already know what time it is anyway. It’s time to die, sucka. The Hublot Liberty Bullet, however, thinks knowing the exact hour before you bite the dust is a luxury you deserve to enjoy.

Created by the company’s highly-specialized watchmaking division, Confrérie Horlogère, the timepiece is basically a pocket watch in the form of a slug. We’re not sure if you can actually load it into a real weapon, but it sure sounds like a good way to (warning: bad pun oncoming) kill time.

The Hublot Liberty Bullet houses a tourbillion mechanism inside a gun cartridge, with the time shown off in a roller display panel along the side and a more conventional dial right down the bottom. Designed to sit on a pocket or hang from a chain of some sort, it boasts sturdy construction, with an aluminum base and a titanium head.

Shown off during the last Baselworld event, its supposed to go on sale June 2010 with a US$79,000 price tag for two of these.

I’ll give it 100 cool points if it will actually work with a gun, which it probably won’t. Even if did, that would be one heck of an expensive kill.

[via Perpetuelle]