Hug-a-Plug Adapter Adds Outlets Parallel To The Wall

The classic wall outlet is extremely functional.  But the design doesn’t exactly bode well for the most efficient use of space.  The Hug-a-Plug streamlines it a tad by splitting each outlet into two, offering power points parallel to the wall.  That way, you can plug in even when bulky furniture is blocking the path.

A clever little adapter, it’s easily the most convenient solution to electrical points rendered unusable by your unstrategically arranged furniture.  You know, like that perfectly working electrical outlet sitting behind the sofa or that one blocked by your new giant cabinet.

Instead of plugs sticking out, the Hug-a-Plug runs them flush to the wall.  As such, you get the least possible bulk off each outlet, letting you push that furniture closer to the edge without losing another place to stick all your electronics into.  It measures 1 x 1.75 x 1.5 inches (l x w x h) and comes with rounded ridges for easy thumb-grip when the plug fastens on a little too tight to quickly yank off.

There’s nothing sexy or flashy about it, but the Hug-a-Plug works its singular function like a charm.  This one’s only for US outlets, though, and is available for $5.