This Huge Moto Kit Turns Your Honda CB1000RR Into A Bike Fit For A Sci-Fi Supersoldier


The Honda CB1000RR is a great bike with proven performance and excellent looks. But what if you want to make it look like a futuristic two-wheeler fit for an army of half-android mercenaries? Lucky for you, Huge Moto built a kit to let you do just that.

We’re not entirely sure what to call the modified Honda this kit lets you put together. They’re calling a it a “café fighter,” which sounds wholly appropriate, considering it’s probably what a café racer would look like if it was commissioned by a half-human, half-robot supersoldier from an alternate cyborg-infested universe.


Unlike most custom motorcycle packages, Huge Moto’s kit doesn’t require any welding or specialized equipment. Instead, all you need is a standard set of hand tools for screwing, bolting, and securing the various parts, so anyone who does light work on their motorcycle should be able to set this up without running into problems. It comes with a fit and finish that retains the factory geometry of the CB1000RR model, so your bike should retain its handling and performance, despite the added components. All Honda CB1000RR models from 2008 and up are compatible with the kit.


The full bundle consists of levers with integrated turn signals, a solo-seat tail, a dual-bulb headlight, a quarter fairing, and relocation mounts for the ignition and the speedometer. Do note, the work involves some basic wiring tasks, since you’ll be relocating several stock components in order to accommodate some parts of the kit, so you’ll need to be up for that kind of work.

An Indiegogo campaign is currently running for the Huge Moto Kit. Pledges to reserve a full set starts at $2,999.

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