Here’s A Huge Spatula For Flipping The Largest Burgers Your Grill Can Fit


Ever wished you could have a giant spatula for cooking pizza-sized burgers, sunny-side dinosaur eggs, and giant slabs of meat? Now you can with Char-Broil’s Huge Spatula, an oversized cooking utensil for cooking oversized grub.

How big is it? Probably too big to fit in your frying pan (seriously). It is, however, just the right size to use on a grill or a griddle, making it ideal for quickly turning either oversized pieces of food or multiple pieces of normal-sized grub at the same time.


The Char-Broil Huge Spatula is 25 inches long, with a broad, flat surface that measures 9.5 x 10 inches.   Will you find plenty of situations that will require a cooking utensil this big? We doubt it. Would you still like to have one in the kitchen, just in case you do discover a giant chicken in the woods who lays giant eggs? We think so. At the size, it should also be big enough that you can use it as a pizza peel for smaller pies, as well as a mini-shovel of sorts, if you don’t mind small objects falling off the cutouts along the surface of the spatula.

Construction is stainless steel for the spatula and rubber for the grip handle. Since something this big is likely cumbersome to store, it features a folding handle to ease storage even a tiny bit, with an integrated bottle opener just because a bottle opener deserves to be everywhere, apparently.

Available now, the Char-Broil Huge Spatula is priced at $28.70.

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