Human Antenna Carpet Integrates A Radio Player, You’re The Tuner


Why buy an FM radio when you can get a carpet with one in tow?  That’s right, the Human Antenna is a decorative rug that can tune in to radio waves, sending it for output to a connected speaker .

Created by Swiss designer Florian Kräutli, the musical carpet is made of looms from a conductive thread.  It won’t play anything on its own.  Stand on it, though, and it will use your body as a radio wave conductor and tuner, picking up your favorite programs on the airwaves.


Since it uses you as an external receiver, actions like stepping on the carpet, walking across it and moving around will be tantamount to both adjusting the antenna and changing the station.  That means you have to sit or stand very, very still if you don’t want to mess up an otherwise good broadcast.  Yeah, it kinda sucks.

Good thing the carpet looks soft and lush, though.  Should be great throwing it next to the fireplace, while you pour some wine and invite your date over, hoping to God you catch a station playing soft ballads.  Of course, you can always just unplug the speakers from the carpet and turn on the sound system instead, but where’s the fun in that?

While I doubt anyone will be rushing to manufacture the Human Antenna (I mean, come on, it’s far from usable), it does settle one thing for me.  When they do come out with flying carpets, I now know it can have a built-in FM tuner onboard.  Seriously, it’s 2009 and we don’t even have flying carpets yet!?!

[Florian Kräutli via Digs Digs]