Humanscale eFloat One Brings A Height-Adjustable Desk Sized To Fit In Small Apartments

There’s no shortage of adjustable-height desks available in the market. For some reason, most of the desks we’ve seen are sized for use in larger spaces like actual offices or empty bedrooms, making them unsuitable for use in that spare corner of the living room you call your home office. The Humanscale eFloat One should change that.

Designed for small spaces, the desk spans just three feet wide, giving you a viable sitting and standing workspace without requiring a whole lot of room. Whether you’re working out of a tight corner in the living room, the end of the hall next to your bedroom, or the cramped spandrel underneath the staircase, this thing’s compact dimensions should allow you to fit it comfortably in that space.

The Humanscale eFloat One has a worktop that measures 36 x 28 inches (width x depth), making it an ideal home office desk for small apartments and other limited living spaces. Unlike most sit-stand desks that use two column legs, it’s small enough to be supported by a single column, allowing it to take up less floor area, too. Despite the compact dimensions, it offers enough room to accommodate a basic work-from-home setup, giving you space to fit a laptop, a mouse, your favorite mechanical keyboard, and even an external monitor if you need it. Granted, it won’t fit all the little knick-knacks and novelty toys you have lying around on the desk at the office, but it gives you room for the barebones necessities.

It has an electronically-controlled height adjustment mechanism that lets you easily raise or lower the desk at the push of a button, with the desk moving at a rate of an inch per second, so you can go from sitting to standing and back in under a minute. According to the outfit, it can adjust between a desk height anywhere between 23.4 and 49 inches, so you can do you work while sitting, standing, or hunching over while standing on one foot for whatever joy it brings your way.

The Humanscale eFloat One has a weight capacity of 100 pounds, so it should support a desktop PC, two monitors, and a bunch of peripherals all day, no problem. We’re not sure why, but the outfit claims the desk cannot be used with accessories that mount at the edges of the desktop, so you can’t use it with your monitor arm, keyboard tray, or whatever edge-mounted cable management system you’ve got in your stash. If we had to guess, it’s probably because it’s a single column desk and any excess weight along the edges could create an imbalance that adversely affects the height-adjusting motions.

It has a worktop cut in bamboo and an all-metal base, so this should hold up to the grind of your remote workdays, while blending in nicely with any interior. The whole thing weighs 51.3 pounds, so it’s substantial enough that it won’t easily budge when you knock onto the desk, while being light enough that you can easily move it around various spots in your home.

The Humanscale eFloat One is available now, priced at $650.

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