Humanscale Paramount Is A Monitor Mount For 8 Displays

Three desktop monitors are so 2010.  If you’re going to be cutting edge, you need at least four.  Or six.  Or eight.  Here’s an overkill of a monitor mount just for the purpose: the Humanscale Paramount.

Sure, you can get a big table and line up eight separate monitors.  That can get really messy, really fast, though, apart from making you work to find ideal viewing angles.  With this mount, you can throw up four pairs of displays without much fuss , all while taking surface space equivalent to a single monitor’s base (you can even set it up on a Kangaroo Desk, but be careful when moving the adjustable surface).

The Humanscale Paramount is a monitor mounting solution that can be equipped with anywhere from two to eight displays .  You can use it with any monitors 30 inches and below, both in profile and landscape orientations.  Viewing height can be adjusted up to 10 inches, while the crossbars can be folded slightly to accommodate a parabolic viewing style.

Unlike other multi-monitor solutions, it can handle a variety of monitor sizes and orientation without the need for extra tools, additional parts and laborious installation — all manners of reconfiguration and assembly can be done in 10 minutes or less.   If you’re only using one row of display, you can hide the top crossbar behind the bottom panels, so you need not be stuck with an eyesore looming over your monitor assembly.

Is this overkill?  We’re pretty sure it is.  But then, any PC you’re going to use this with will need an equally borderline-insane setup as well (support for eight monitors means it has to be downright badass).  Pricing for the Humanscale Paramount starts at $1,800 (yes, that’s just for the monitor mount — display panels not included).