This Coffee Table Can Actually Turn Into A Mini-Bar

Coffee tables that double as storage cabinets are always awesome, making an already useful living room staple into something that’s even more practical.  The Hunter II Trunk Table definitely falls in that category, offering a generous amount of storage underneath its refined yet rustic facade.

Armed with three deep compartments sporting individual hinged flip-up doors, it’s duly equipped to hold a wide selection of objects from remotes to magazines to chunky throw pillows.  It even comes with a removable wine rack (sized to hold eight bottles) for the middle compartment, which you can use to turn it into a neatly-organized storage space for a small selection of wines and spirits.  Yep, you can rig it into a coffee table mini-bar — how is that not a very wonderful thing?

The Hunter II Trunk Table measures 44 x 24 x 18 inches, with an elegant design that should fit right at home in both modern and traditional living room styles.  Features include solid shesham wood construction with a clove lacquer finish, iron hardware with clear powdercoat finish, and beveled panels.  Oh yeah, they include a removable serving tray that fits on the upper portion of the two larger compartments, which only reinforces its potential for becoming the official coffee table mini-bar.  Now, all we need is a glassware rack to hold our classy red cups and a retrofit cooler box that can set up on the compartments, and our drinking station will be good to go.

Available from Crate & Barrel, the Hunter II Trunk Table retails for $599.

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