Hutan Utility Sarong: Yes, That’s What An Asian Man-Skirt Looks Like


While man-skirts never really took off, they do continue to have a cult following. Simply put, some people swear by the comfort and mobility that wearing a skirt affords them. If you’re among those (or if you’re simply curious about man skirts), you might want to check out the new Hutan Utility Sarong.

Billed as a “modern interpretation of the traditional Southeast Asian waist-worn garment,” the clothing item updates the sarong as a modern garment for men that’s versatile enough to perform functions well beyond covering the lower half of your body. Simply put, even you never plan to wear a skirt, you still might find excellent use for this item.


The Hutan Utility Sarong can be worn like a regular sarong, which you drape over your midriff by holding the top corners, folding one side on top of the other, and rolling down the top edge to secure it to your body. Truth be told, it looks long, although you should be able to control the length by doing more folds on the top edge, in case you prefer a shorter length. The garment, by the way, measures 39.4 x 43.3 inches (width x height) when fully laid out, so you can sit on it like a mini-blanket while in the park or on the beach.

Aside from wearing like a traditional sarong, the garment can also be folded such that it becomes a shoulder-slung bag. That means, you can use it to carry food and drinks to a picnic, all while doubling as your picnic blanket once you get there, making it ideal for folks who prefer packing light at all times. And, yes, it looks darn good when worn across the body, so we doubt you’ll mind using this as an everyday bag. We’re not entirely sure how to fold it to serve as a bag (no instructions on the website), but since traditional sarongs have been known to be used for the same purpose, we guess you can find some ideas online.


When it’s cold outside, the Hutan Utility Sarong can also be used as a scarf – just wrap it around your neck and let all that material keep you toasty. Construction is durable ripstop nylon, so this should hold up to the wear and tear of regular use, although it does not rebuff water, so your stuff will get wet if you’re ever caught using it as a bag during a drizzle.


It comes with strategically-placed storage, namely one large pocket and two smaller pockets, all of which are designed to be accessible whether you’re using it as a garment or a bag. The large pocket comes with a YKK zipper, too, so you can use it to hold valuables you wouldn’t want to risk jumping out of their slot, along with an accessory loop in case there’s something you want to attach to the garment (like keys or a multi-tool).

Available in three colors (navy, gray, and tan), the Hutan Utility Sarong is priced at $129.

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