HXC Wheelchair Brings Extreme Stunts To Mobility-Impaired Athletes

Wheelchairs and skate parks seem like such a natural pairing.  One’s got wheels, the other has terrains built for wheels to go wild on.  Problem is, traditional wheelchairs aren’t designed for extreme stunts.  So what’s a mobility-impaired, adrenaline-junkie to do?

If the HXC Wheelchair ever makes it to production, we’ll finally have the answer.  Modeled after sport bikes, the occupant-propelled chair not only lets you prod along, it allows you a wide range of active movements that turn the mobility device into a full-on sporting apparatus.

Designed by Joven de la Vega, the unconventional wheelchair has been fine-tuned to work at most any course a skateboard can.  Fast and rugged, it goes past mere motion, allowing the rider to perform tricks just like skaters and bikers have been doing for so many years.

To facilitate the unusual functions, the HXC Wheelchair has been fitted with specific characteristics.  The compact seating frame and short backrest, for instance, allows for a range of motions that will probably be impossible with conventionally-sized models.  The integrated casters and footrest, on the other hand, help maintain balance during tricks.  Other notable features include the sturdy front lip (for safety), a protective back rail that doubles as a pushing bar, tubular steel frame and slightly in-turned wheels (for speed).

Several prototype HXCs have already been made and tested by disabled athletes, with some receiving custom-tuning for more specialized tricks.  We’re not sure what’s in store for this thing, but we have a feeling it’s something the world is ready for.