HydraDuo: Why Carry One Drink When You Can Have Two?

Like your water followed by a little vodka? Not a problem with the HydraDuo, a water bottle that lets you carry two drinks on a single container.

Simple yet smart, you get one cylindrical outer bottle with two separate inner bottle compartments, each one with their own delivery systems at the top. That way, you can straddle up to the treadmill rocking both a Gatorade and an energy drink without having to double fist.  Tee-hee… double fist.

The HydraDuo is made from clear BPA-free plastic, with the two inner bottles getting differently-colored transluscent shades to help you distinguish which drink is which. Hopefully, you’re not forgetful when you pour in similarly-colored drinks, since downing a lig of vodka instead of water before doing that single-rep set of a 300lb bench press may not make for the greatest balance. Ouch.

It uses a bottle top with dual flip lids, allowing you to pour beverages from one source at a time. There’s even a hang hole on the side of the cap, in case you like hanging your bottle from a lanyard, along with your cellphone, office ID and Flavor Flav clock.

Like other products from Quirky, the HydraDuo is available for preorder first. Price is $17.50, with a 980 people target before commencing production.