Hydrapak Stash Is A Water Bottle That Collapses Into A 2-Inch Thick Puck


We’ve seen many collapsible water bottles released over the last couple of years. And while they do get the job done of saving you space when the bottle is empty, few we’ve seen come close to the elegance of the Hydrapak Stash.

While it looks like a regular cylinder-shaped water bottle when all filled up, the walls are actually constructed from soft TPU, allowing it to fold like fabric when the bottle is not in use. Only the top and bottom are actually made from molded parts, leaving you with a puck-like object you can throw into a small pouch once the thing is in a compact pile.


To collapse the Hydrapak Stash, you simply push the molded top and bottom parts together until they snap on. To equip for use, simply squeeze on the puck-sized bundle to make it pop-out into a full-size bottle. Even better, it’s not just capable of collapsing to a height of merely two inches, they are stackable too, allowing you to carry multiple bottles in a single vertical file – useful for group hikes and similar activities. While the soft TPU construction and folding design might make it suspicious in terms of durability, Hydrapak says it’s RF-welded to create superior bonds and ensure it can handle rugged use. Each bottle measures 7.2 x 3.5 inches (height x diameter), with space to hold up to 750-ml of beverages.

Available in a variety of colors, the Hydrapak Stash retails for $17.99.

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