Hydroponics Island Puts A Fully-Concealed Garden In Your Kitchen

Setting up a hydroponics system is probably the most ideal solution to growing plants indoors without the usual mess (dirt and puddles of water) of a typical garden.  And if you’ve been looking for the most discreet way (for whatever legitimate reason, of course) to grow produce in your tiny apartment, the Hydroponics Kitchen Island sure looks like it can do the trick well.

Made by Peter Buley, it’s a single-piece island cabinet that uses the interior space to hold a fully-working hydroponics system.  When closed up, it looks just like any large cabinet that you can use as a kitchen island countertop for food preparation and eating quick meals.

The Hydroponics Kitchen Island is made with a solid maple frame that’s bleached and white-washed into an attractive piece of furniture that measures 60 x 33 x 36 inches (w x d x h).  It looks about the size of a large oven.  Inside, it features a fully-concealed ebb and flow hydroponic system installed on a cedar drawer directly under a pair of LED and high-output CFL grow lights.

Buley suggests using the system to grow culinary herbs right in the kitchen.  That way, you can just pluck out a leaf here or a seed there every time you need a little extra spice in the next pot of soup or sauce you’re wielding your masterful hands over.

While the Hydroponics Kitchen Island doesn’t appear to be available for retail, Peter said he’s accepting  orders for a custom-built rig.  No pricing was given, though, so expect it to be not cheap.

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