Hygienna Solo Turns Any Water Bottle Into A Handheld Bidet

You love the bidet-equipped toilet in your bathroom.  So much so that it makes you cry thinking of spending a weekend in the lake away from it. Just because you’re out in nature, though, it doesn’t mean you’ll have to make do wiping yourself down with dried leaves that fell off the trees.  Heck, no.  That won’t happen, especially with the Hygienna Solo around.

A portable bidet that you can keep in your pocket, it lets you enjoy the comforts of water sprinkling in your bottom wherever you choose to do the dirty deed.  Whether you go in the smelly bathroom at the gas station, the barely-working toilet in the lakehouse cabin or a hole you dug a couple miles deep in the woods, you can enjoy the convenience of a proper hose down just like you get at home.

The Hygienna Solo is a simple attachment (3 x 1 inches) that you can screw onto plastic water bottles to effectively turn them into a functional handheld bidet.  That way, in case you have an emergency on the road, you can simply stop at a gas station, pick up a water bottle from the mini-mart, walk into the bathroom and immediately use it as a functional bottom sprinkler.  Convenient.

The accessory is compatible with the PET containers used by most of the popular bottled water brands, from Dasani to Poland Spring to Nestle Pure Life.  It can also fit into plastic Coke and Pepsi bottles.  According to the company, the angle of the nozzle has been optimized to ensure it sprays water exactly on those desired areas with minimal aiming adjustments on the user’s part.

Sounds gross?  Sure.  Doesn’t sound any grosser than wiping down with a tissue on your hand, though.  The Hygienna Solo is available now, priced at $9.99.

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