HyperJuice Wireless Charging Stand Can Charge Four Devices At Once

Wireless charging pads are great, as they let you power up your devices without wires dangling all over the place. Problem is, more and more of your devices are now Qi-compatible, so you end up needing more and more of these charging pads as well, which creates its own kind of clutter. The HyperJuice should help you cut down on that by charging up to four devices at once.

That’s right, this thing can charge up to four of your everyday electronic devices at the same time, all while taking up the same space as a single smartphone on your desk. No need to have multiple charging pads that can clutter up a space quick or schedule your device charging on limited charging pads – just one of these and you can handle four charging chores all at once.

The HyperJuice consists of a rectangular base with two charging pads (one on each end), with an arm in the middle that splits into two charging discs. The larger charging disc is actually a MagSafe mount, which you can use to magnetically attach and wirelessly charge an iPhone 12 (all models supported), while the smaller disc is a charging mount for the Apple Watch. The right side of the charging pad, on the other hand, is designed to take an AirPods case and the left side is for charging other Qi-compatible devices, whether it’s an older iPhone, an Android smartphone, or some other similar device.

Both charging discs on the stand, by the way, are articulated, so you can position them at a variety of angles, allowing you to fiddle with the iPhone 12 or Apple Watch you’ve got charging on there. And yes, you can rotate that iPhone 12 in either landscape or portrait, so you can watch movies and IG Stories alike while your phone replenishes its charge.

The HyperJuice can feed up to 15W via the MagSafe mount, 15W via the base Qi charger, 5W via the Apple Watch mount, and 5W via the Airpods pad, so your devices should charge reasonably fast all at the same time. Do note, it needs to be hooked up to a power source with at least 30W to ensure all four devices you placed on there will charge at full power. It can be connected from either a standard DC outlet or a USB-C slot, so you’re not relegated to lugging around a proprietary DC adapter. The device is safe, too, with all the usual protective features of modern chargers, so it monitors current, voltage, and temperature at all times, taking the necessary actions as it detects a potential issue.

Don’t want to buy separate charging pads for home and office? Not a problem, as this 4-in-1 charging accessory is actually collapsible, which means you can fold down those raised sections so everything is flat, making it easy to slip inside a bag pouch for taking on the road. Beyond using at the office, this collapsible design means you can easily pack it in your luggage, too, allowing you to enjoy the same simultaneous charging convenience when you’re on business trips.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the HyperJuice. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $109.

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