HyperGoGo Kart Turns Any Hoverboard Into A Functional Go-Kart

Remember Ninebot’s GoKart Kit, which lets you turn their miniPro hoverboard into an actual, functional go-kart? Yeah, it’s awesome. But what if you already have a hoverboard, but it’s a different brand? Well, there’s the HyperGoGo Kart.

That’s right, it’s an aftermarket kit that lets you turn a hoverboard into a go-kart, making the erstwhile novelty transport device a more versatile recreational toy. Whether you want to do a downhill kart race with your friends, drive around the neighborhood like a dork, or just do donuts in the parking lot without stealing your mom’s car, this thing should offer one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to get yourself a motorized kart that can do just that.

The HyperGoGo Kart is a complete go-kart kit that can connect to most hoverboards using Velcro straps, allowing it to use the board’s motorized drivetrain as its own. The outfit claims it can work with all standard hoverboards in the market – basically, anything with two footpads and two wheels on each end. Once installed, the hoverboard serves as the rear wheels on the go-kart, essentially pushing the entire thing along. Maximum speed is, naturally, dependent on the hoverboard, so the more powerful your two-wheeled commuter is, the faster your go-kart can go.

A steering wheel allows you to easily maneuver the kart to any direction of your choosing, while an integrated seat with backrest keeps you comfortable in the cockpit throughout the whole time driving. We’re not exactly sure how the hoverboard’s controls are able to integrate into the go-kart (we’re guessing it’s pairing somehow over Bluetooth), but it’s got foot pads for brake and acceleration, as well as a handle on the right hand side for reverse gear. Yes, we know, that sounds very well integrated, which is strange, since you’re not wiring into the hoverboard and there’s no special models for different kinds of hoverboards. Basically, the same go-kart will supposedly work with any hoverboard, so you might want to verify that with a seller before making any purchases.

The HyperGoGo Kart comes with an adjustable frame length, seat height and position, and handlebar angle, allowing folks to tailor for different types of drivers. After all, a 10-year old kid will likely need a differently-sized ride compared to a grown man, as far as driving comfort is concerned. It comes with a metal chassis, so it should prove quite durable and hardwearing, while built-in shock absorbers should help facilitate a smooth ride when driving across humps, potholes, and random debris on the ground.

According to the outfit, installation should last no more than a few minutes at a time, so as long as the go-kart is already assembled, you should be able to attach it to a hoverboard and get running in no time.  Other features include a maximum payload of 198 pounds, a ground clearance of 1.6 inches, and a maximum slope capability of 15 degrees. Each kit comes with a helmet.

Want one? Pricing for the HyperGoGo Kart starts at $369.

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