HyperMac Adds Another 16 Hours To Your iPad’s Battery Life

Ten hours of iPad use not enough for your extended road trip?  Not a problem with the HyperMac, an iPad stand with a built-in battery that can add 16 hours to your favorite tablet’s battery life.

Normally, portable juice comes in the form of some kind of slab that serves no other purpose than to replenish your gadgets.  This on-the-road power supply does away with that, ably doubling as a stylish iPad stand, so you can prop your slate atop any regular surface.

The HyperMac is rectangular block that measures a compact 6 x 4.2 x 1.1 inches, so you can easily slip it into a pouch or even cram inside your pocket.  Weighing 12oz, it carries enough weight to offer stable support for your iPad, holding it both vertically and horizontally.  It comes with two angled slits (18- and 45-degrees), giving you ideal position, whether for typing or viewing.  The slots are sized to fit even iPads decked in a slim case.

To charge the dock, simply plug it in via its own mini-USB port.  It supports charge-through, as well, which means you can use it like any regular charging dock.  More importantly, that 26 hours of guaranteed power means your iPad can potentially last you an entire weekend of moderate use – all while giving you a sexy, functional stand at no extra charge.

As stylish as it is ingenious, the HyperMac prices itself just like a lot of “clever” accessories for Apple products – steep at $130.  Considering the impressive capabilities and smart design, though, it just might be worth the purchase.

[Hypershop via Cult of Mac]