HyperX Quadcast S Is Covered In RGB LEDs You Can Program To Add Vibrant Color To Your Stream

Like many modern USB mics, the HyperX Quadcast S is designed to make you sound good during streaming. Unlike them, the darn thing isn’t designed to blend in with the set, as it comes with colorful RGB lighting that can draw plenty of attention all on its own.

That’s right, it’s a microphone with built-in multi-colored LEDs across its length, offering a nice break from the boring aesthetics of traditional streaming mics. Whether you’re a gamer, a podcaster, or one those people that can stream for six hours just talking non-stop by your lonesome, this thing will make sure all your words come through loud and clear while adding a dollop of color to your webcam feed.

The HyperX Quadcast S is a USB condenser microphone with four selectable polar patterns, so you can it set it up in standard cardioid pattern for your regular streams and switch it to one of the other options when you need to switch to a different setup (e.g. you’re doing a two-person chat on-stream and you don’t have a second mic). It has a built-in anti-vibration shock mount that isolates all audio picked up by the mic through the use of an elastic rope suspension that suppresses the sound of unintentional rumbles and bumps that occur during a stream (like when you slam the desk after losing in Fall Guys… again).

The big star, of course, is the RGB lighting that covers a good chunk of the microphone. Installed under the pop filter, the colors and patterns of the light array can be programmed via the HyperX Ngenuity software, allowing you to easily change it on the fly as well as synchronize it with the lighting on other HyperX accessories.

The HyperX Quadcast S has a gain control dial at the bottom for quickly regulating input sensitivity, so you can easily lower it when the chat complains of your voice sounding too loud, while a tap-to-mute sensor on top lets you quickly pause any audio pickup, in case you’re talking on your phone and don’t want your conversation broadcasted to a small chunk of nerds around the world. Because… you know… that’s just tacky. Oh yeah, there’s a LED status indicator that’s switched on when the mic is active and turns off when it’s muted, so you’ll know exactly when the darn thing is still recording.

It has a versatile adapter that can fit on both 3/8-inch and 5/8-inch threaded mounts, in case you need to move the mic to a different stand or boom arm, with a headphone jack allowing you to listen to everything the mic picks up, making it easy to adjust accordingly. According to the outfit, the mic is compatible with PCs, Macs, and PS4s, so you can use it directly even when you move from one machine to another. Well… unless it’s an Xbox or Switch, that is. It’s also certified by both Discord and TeamSpeak, all while being compatible with the top streaming software, including Streamlabs, OBS, OBS Studio, and XSplit.

The HyperX Quadcast S is available now.

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