I Am Chewie Hoodie Lets You Dress Up Like A Wookie


You may not stand eight feet tall and hail from the planet of Kashyyyk, but that doesn’t mean you can’t declare yourself a Wookie roaming the streets of planet Earth. Especially not when you’re decked in this I Am Chewie Hoodie, a garment which makes you look like a part of the hirsute and intelligent species that hail from Chewbacca’s swampy planet.

Created by Welovefine, it’s a hooded sweatshirt clad in Chewbacca’s likeness from the waist up. That way, you can look like Han Solo’s loyal co-pilot, all while retaining your more familiar human facial features.


The I Am Chewie Hoodie is made from a fabric covered in faux polyester fur, giving it a thick pile of coffee-colored hair that resembles Star Wars’ resident walking carpet.   It’s covered with the same mane in every part of the exterior, so you can look like a genuine Wookie from the waist up. Do note, the uniform coat of fur won’t shed water the way an actual Wookie’s would, so unless you want be drenched and pulling a lot of weight in the water, you’ll want to take it off before jumping in a pool like most pieces of Earthly garment. Features include a zip-up front, a cotton liner, and an applique satin bandolier to complete the Chewbacca look.


Available now, the I Am Chewie Hoodie is priced at $60.

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