iArtist: Make Your Own Masterpiece


Want to try your hand at making art, but never had the chops for it?  Work your creative muscles with the iArtist, a DIY kit that lets you recreate contemporary pieces directly out of the box.

Created by IARTISTLONDON, each box comes with all the raw materials you need in order to build a replica of one popular art piece.  Simply crack the box open, have a look at the instructions and put those creative juices to work.

Six different kits are currently available, offering a good variety for those who'd like to take a stab at different types of creative endeavors.  They can be bought individually, so you don't have to pay for anything that doesn't interest you.  Boxes you can get consists of the iHirst (an affordable version of Damien Hirst's For the Love of God sculpture, sans the real gemstones, of course), the iQuinn (a recreation of David Quinn's blood-infused Self sculpture, using your own blood), the iEmin (Tracy Emin's Tent masterpiece, which you can create by sewing your own list of people you slept with over the years), the iWhiteread (your own replica of Rachel Whiteread's Pink Torso, complete with the  necessary water bottle and dental plaster), the iBanksy (where you get a stencil of one of Banksy's famous graffitis) and the iPhotographer (a customized kit that lets you fashion imagery like a professional lensmaster).

Personally, I'm pretty disappointed with the branding of everything with an "i" thing, which is cool for Apple, but just lame for everyone else.  Regardless, no words can describe how awesome these kits are.  Currently available from vending machines (yep, just like a can of soda) around London, the regular boxes cost £9.99 each, with the iPhotographer's price hinging on the custom stencils you will have them fashion.

[iArtist via PSFK]