Ice Barrel 500 Uses Thick Insulation to Keep Cold Temperatures for As Long As Possible

We love using ice baths as part of our recovery tools. It’s equal parts fun and invigorating. Sure, there’s something admittedly unsettling with doing ice baths on an already cold day, but it definitely does get us pretty good results. The Ice Barrel 500 looks to separate itself from the many cold therapy tools in the market by maintaining its icy temperatures for a much longer time.

No, it’s not one of those compressor-powered ice tubs. Instead, it manages to retain its cold temperatures by boasting “the most insulated cold therapy product on the market.” That’s right, they’re claiming serious ice retention with this one, so you’re, basically submerging yourself inside a very insulated cooler. Nice.

The Ice Barrel 500 has an upright tub design that, basically, puts you in either standing, half-standing, or sitting positions while you freeze inside its ice-and-water-filled chamber. There’s a seat inside the main chamber, so you can plop down comfortably, while integrated steps in the back allow you to safely get in and out without the need to use a separate ladder or step stool. According to the outfit, it can accommodate individuals up to seven feet, submerging them up to the neck for a proper full-body cold water treatment.

Of course, the insulation is the big selling point here. According to the outfit, it uses a thick polyurethane foam all throughout the barrel to maintain the cold temperatures for as long as possible. They also put the same insulation in the lid, by the way, so you can fill the tub with ice and leave for a while before going in, while being able to preserve as much of it as possible.

The Ice Barrel 500 has a more streamlined shape than your usual ice bath tool. Gone is the round barrel shape, which has been replaced by a flatter sides that should help maximize space while being able to better integrate into whatever outdoor spaces you have available. The main chamber, by the way, can hold up to 94 gallons (356 liters) of water, so this thing should be plenty stable while you’re climbing in and out of the ice bath. It also weighs 104 pounds on its own with no water or ice, which, we guess, is a testament to how much insulation they actually packed inside this thing. Don’t worry, you won’t have to lift it to empty out, as there’s a drain spout at the bottom for easily clearing out all the water.

According to the outfit, the tub should work with most chillers in the market, with built-in connections that will allow them to function without a hitch. That means, if you want to get a machine to keep the water at cold temperatures without using ice, you should be able to use it with this one. In fact, the outfit has announced they’re planning to release a chiller of their own at some point, which, we guess, is the logical next product for an outfit that specializes in cold therapy tubs.

The Ice Barrel 500 is available now, priced at $1,499.99.

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