Ice Cream Bench Will Make Your House Guests Scream For Ice Cream


Want to leave your house guests hungry and hankering for ice cream?  Throw the Ice Cream Bench in your living room and you won’t need to do anything more.

Clad in the form of an ice cream sandwich, the yummy-looking bench sports a thick pile of frozen vanilla sweetness trapped between two slabs of chocolate wafers.  Mmmmm.  It’s the perfect way to feel even colder while staying in on an already freezing afternoon.

The Ice Cream Bench uses solid foam throughout its construction and measures 20 x 48 x 18 inches.  Vanilla ice cream center is covered in white velvet, while both top and bottom wafers are clad in dark brown canvas.  It sports short, stubby wooden legs.

If you’ve been looking for a way to jazz up a playroom or an entertainment space, this should prove an excellent piece of furniture to use as the centerpiece.  Just make sure to stock up on frozen, sweet treats, since I can’t imagine how you would resist pigging out on ice cream after 30 minutes of seeing this thing.

Custom, delicious-looking furniture maker Jellio is responsible for this concoction, which should go well with ice cream music playing over your hi-fi audio system.  They have it on sale for $950 and, no, you can’t eat it.

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