ICE Recumbent Trikes Make Mountain Bikes Look Boring


We don’t see many people riding recumbent trikes where I’m from (actually, I don’t think I’ve ever seen any), but after drooling over pictures of ICE’s recumbent three-wheelers, I know I was put on this Earth to ride one.  Okay, maybe it’s not as dramatic as I made it out to be, but damn it – those trikes (Adventure, Sprint, and Vortex) look downright amazing.

Recumbent bikes don’t look all that comfortable.  Trikes with similar reclining positions, on the other hand, look particularly exciting.  It’s like outfitting a skeleton go-kart with pedals, except it’s much, much more fun.


The three models of ICE recumbent trikes all use largely the same components, but are built at different seating heights to facilitate varying uses.  The ICE Adventure sports a more upright riding position, designed for leisurely riding and an excellent view of the road ahead; the Sprint, on the other hand, is clad with a mid-height seat and is designed for weekend enthusiasts; the Vortex is the sportiest of the bunch, with a dynamic low seat, allowing for the fastest acceleration and heightened performance around sharp bends.


All three vehicles come armed with the company’s patented Flat Twist Fold System, which allows them to collapse into a compact bundle.  They come with varying specifications too, so you can customize depending on your needs.

Pricing starts at £1,899 for the Adventure and Sprint, while the Vortex (which comes with unique V-Section wheels) goes for £2,575 and higher.  I’m not sure if you can actually take this to the streets (it’s so low, trucks will likely run you over without realizing it), but they do give you a flag and some options in lighting for better road visibility.

[Ice Trikes via The Awesomer]