Forget The Ice Box, Use The IceMule Pro Catch Cooler When You Fish Using Kayaks And Paddle Boards


While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with carrying an ice box (yes, even one as ridiculous as the Coolest Cooler) while you fish the lake on your 3D-printed kayak, it’s hardly efficient, taking away from the small boat’s already limited space. If you need a cooler to store all the fish you catch during a weekend trip, it’s probably best to choose one that’s specifically designed for the job. That’s exactly what the IceMule Pro Catch Cooler is.

Described as “the simplest and most effective kayak fishing catch bag,” it’s a soft cooler that can strap onto your shoulders like a regular rucksack. That way, you can simply wear your cooler, keeping it close by every time you get a catch that you want to keep fresh for dinner later.


Designed for kayak and paddle board fishing, the IceMule Pro Catch lets you keep a cooler without being tethered to a large and unruly box the entire time you’re out in the water. While certainly not the only one of its kind, it claims to be the first soft cooler that has no sewn and zippered sections, ensuring there’s no risk of leakage even after many uses. Granted, it can only keep catch fresh for up to 24 hours, which some of the better hard coolers can definitely best. Still, you can always transfer everything to an ice box on shore after you’re done, in case you’re staying off the grid for just a little bit longer, while keeping the backpack on tap every time you hit the water.

Features include a watertight roll-top closure, a side release buckle for easy accessibility in the water, a top opening that measures 24 inches in diameter, padded straps, bungee webbing, and multiple tie-down clips. Construction is 1000 denier tarpaulin, with an interior layer of heavy-gauge PU-coated embossed vinyl.

Available now, pricing for the IceMule Pro Catch Cooler starts at $89.95, depending on size.

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