ICON E-Flyer Electric Bike Takes On Vintage Motorcycle Styling, Handmade Construction

ICON has made a name for itself by kitting out classic 4x4s with modern gear. This time around, they’re turning their attention towards an entirely different ride with the ICON E-Flyer electric bicycle.

Yep, ICON built an electric bike.  Similar to their previous vehicle efforts, it embraces vintage design unflinchingly, drawing inspiration from WWI-era board racers that ran circles around grand oval motordromes during its time.  Basically, it’s an electric bicycle that’s styled like an early-generation motorcycle racer, making it look like an exotic next to the mass of bicycles you’re going to pass by on the road.

The ICON E-Flyer is equipped with a 3,500-watt brushless DC hub-motor that’s paired with a 12.5Ah battery (100 cycles, 2-hour charging time).  Together, they can send the bike running at up to 36 mph (race mode) over a range of between 30 to 35 miles.  Everything is handmade, with a frame constructed from hydroformed aluminum, and forks cut from billet aluminum and steel.  Features include regenerative braking, Avid BB7R brakes, CREE LED headlights, mountain gray powder coating, plated detail finishes (a combo of brushed stainless steel, nickel and brass), and handmade leatherwork.

Only 50 examples of the ICON E-Flyer will be made, priced at $4,995 each.

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