Icon Sheene, The World’s Most Expensive Motorcycle You Can Buy

How do you justify being the world’s most expensive motorcycle?  I have my own ideas, you know, like an invisible force field while you’re riding and headlights that double as laser guns.  Well, the Icon Sheene has none of those, but it does run very fast and looks really sexy.  And, yes, it’s the most expensive bike in the world.

Retailing for $160,000, the crotch rocket takes boutique motorcycles to new heights, giving itself a unique semi-retro styling, while packing in the power to appease even the most discriminating speed freaks.  Icon is making it as a tribute to legendary rider Barry Sheene, one of the UK’s most successful motorcycle racers.

The Icon Sheene is powered by a hand-built Suzuki 1400cc turbocharged Hayabusa engine with Carrillo rods and Wiseco pistons, pumping out 250hp and 133 lb/ft of torque.  It boasts carbon-fiber bodywork and wheels, along with numerous handmade components, such as the stainless steel exhaust, aluminum fuel tank and aluminum oil-coolers.    Notable features include Alcantara racing seats, ISR calipers and floating discs, 6-speed quick-shift gearbox, Bitubo front forks and, according to Icon, a hydra-formed exhaust that’s been “tuned for the ultimate aural symphony.”

Personally, I can’t decide if I like the styling or not, but the retro look does make itself quite endearing.  Each limited-edition bike will come with a one-of-a-kind, hand-painted image on the body (a pin-up girl with a playing card), courtesy of Mike Fairholme, the same dude responsible for painting Sheene’s helmets back when he was still competing.

Only 52 units of the Icon Sheene will be made, each one bearing a different playing card design (since there are 52 to a deck).  There’s contact info for ordering on the product website.

[Icon Sheene via Ride Lust]