iCradle COBI Gives Bicycles An Automotive-Grade Electronics System


There are plenty of handlebar mounts that help you transform an erstwhile smartphone into a functional bike computer. The COBI from iCradle, however, does a whole lot more than letting you set up a phone on the bike, providing a complete solution that turns the bike into a connected vehicle.

Like many existing solutions, you simply screw the mount onto the center of the handlebar to get yourself a place for docking an iPhone on the bike. Unlike them, it includes a thumb control you can place right near the grip of the handlebar, allowing you to navigate the app’s menu without having to move your hands anywhere near the phone’s touchscreen display.


Aside from the mount, the iCradle COBI also includes a headlight and a tail light, with the latter even serving up turn signals automatically. An integrated battery powers the system, all while charging your phone the entire time it’s docked, with an accompanying rain cover allowing you to keep the phone on the mount even during wet conditions. It comes with integrated sensors (accelerometer, barometer, and light sensor), which it uses to execute the various automated functions (turn signals, automatic headlight switching, and security), along with Bluetooth 4.1 and ANT+ for wireless integration with other devices.


The accompanying app supplies turn-by-turn directions, weather forecasts, and music playback, while the system feeds its readings to various fitness apps (Strave, Fitbit, Apple Health, and more). It also provides a theft alarm, along with a variety of bike functions (e.g. speedometer).

As of now, the iCradle COBI is only available for iPhones. Pricing starts at $249.

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