IdeaPaint Clear Turns Surfaces Into Whiteboards Even If They’re Not White

Remember Ideapaint, that coat of paint that instantly turns any surface you apply it on into a dry erase whiteboard?  Yeah, it’s pretty awesome.  Unless you hate white, that is, since that’s the only color it came in. Well, that problem is now over with the IdeaPaint Clear, a transparent coating that provides the same dry erase result without all the white.

Want a pink dry erase board for writing down all your ideas for Barbie accessories?  Yeah, we know about that secret desire.  And you can do it easy — just paint the wall with your desired shade of pink and layer it with a coat of this thing.   Want to turn your hardwood desk into a dry erase board?  Same thing.  Just brush a layer of the colorless paint on there and you can doodle while you pretend to work to your heart’s content.

The IdeaPaint Clear is a transparent and odorless paint that endows any surface it lays over with dry erase powers.  Certified low-emission and LEED-compliant, it can go over practically anything with a smooth surface, from walls to desks to chalk boards to a whole host of other things.  Just a single coat of the paint is required, which can either be brushed or spray-painted (the latter requiring professional installers, though).

Forget the office, this thing could literally change your relationship with your children’s incessant doodling on your home’s walls.  Just arm them with dry-erase markers instead of crayons and you don’t need to worry about cleaning up a wall with sloppy drawings of stick figures, cartoon characters and unicorns with elephant ears again.

Pricing for the IdeaPaint Clear starts at $225.

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