Ideapaint Turns Your Walls Into An Eraseable Canvas


I always keep a whiteboard next to my workstation, which I use for listing tasks and reminders throughout the day.  I have another bigger dry-erase board which I use for mapping ideas.

Not to be a technophobe, but MindMap software just doesn’t get the juices flowing as well as them good, old markers.  Don’t you like working with surfaces that you can scribble on too?

Ideapaint is a new product that should get rid of the need for additional writing boards, letting people pen their masterpieces right on their walls without leaving any permanent damage.  A single-coat of roller-applied Ideapaint turns ordinary walls into automatic dry-erase surfaces, allowing you to draw and doodle to your heart’s content, then wipe it clean as soon as you’re done.  Offices and schools will almost automatically benefit from it, requiring one less extra purchase to worry about.

Need a place to write down recipes in the kitchen?  Paint the area above the stove with a coat and turn it into your recipe wall.  Tired of keeping your kids from decorating their bedrooms with stick-figure masterpieces?  Coat it with Ideapaint, leave them a box of markers and have them exercising their creative muscles to no end.  Need to leave a message for the wife?  If you’ve had your living room coated with Ideapaint, write it in big, bold letters to make sure she doesn’t miss it.

All standard dry-erase markers and erasers can be used with Ideapaint, requiring no other tool, save for the actual urethane coating and the roller.  In fact, it actually works better than many dry-erase boards, leaving zero traces (ghosting) of what’s been written on it.  According to the manufacturer, there’s no need to remove the paint when you want a new wall, either – just paint over it and you’re done.

Ideapaint is currently giving a free sample for those who want to try it.  For larger projects, cost should run up about $4 per square foot.


[IdeaPaint via Apartment Therapy]