Idol Chair Is The Adult-Sized Kiddie Fort Your Inner Child Always Wanted

Need a space in the house to call your own?  Well, it can’t be the bedroom, since you share that with the wife.  It can’t be the living room, since your kids spend more time there, playing video games, than you do.  It can’t be the garage because it’s stacked full of all your wife’s things and your children’s old toys.  And, no, there’s no extra room in the house to convert into a man cave.  What to do?   Do what this guy did and build something like the Idol Chair.

Designed by Michael Tomalik, it’s a lounge chair intended to function as an adult-sized kiddie fort.  Sure, it’s no replacement for even a small private room anywhere in the vicinity, but if you live in a house with just enough rooms for the entire family, it will do.

The Idol Chair is made entirely using thick iron wires, with a shape similar to a half-closed cage with tall walls.  From there, he added different elements to the wireframe to turn it into a comfortable bunker, throwing in blankets and a large pillow for cushion, planks of wood to use as shelves, and hooks for hanging items like light bulbs and planters.  The wires themselves serve well as hanging racks for books, magazines, and even items of clothing.  Plus, when you need some privacy, you can simply throw on a large blanket to cover the whole thing up.

Tomalik presented the Idol Chair at Designblok, during the Prague Design and Fashion Week.

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